02/12/2015 10:19 EST | Updated 04/14/2015 05:59 EDT

Allan Schoenborn, convicted child-killer, to appear before B.C. Review Board

A man convicted of stabbing and smothering his three children in 2008 will appear before the B.C. Review Board Thursday in an annual request for more freedom from the Coquitlam, B.C., psychiatric hospital where he's being held.

Allan Schoenborn was found guilty, but not criminally responsible for killing Kaitlynne, 10, Max, 8, and Cordon, 5, in the Merritt, B.C., trailer home he shared with his then-wife Darcie Clarke.

Clarke and other family members are now forced to make the case each year why they don't want Schoenborn released from the psychiatric hospital, something the family finds very difficult to do.

"These hearings happen every single year and it really takes a lot out of the family," said Dave Teixeira, a friend of Clarke's who speaks for the family.

Clarke hopes the review board takes advantage of new federal legislation which allows it to order high-risk offenders to wait three years between hearings, said Teixeira.

"It will also give the family a lot more time to heal," he said.

Schoenborn denied day pass before

The family doesn't know what kind of freedom Schoenborn will request from the B.C. Review Board. His requests have varied in the past, from a day pass to a move to Manitoba.

"In another year he wanted full and unfettered release. So we don't know what we are walking in to, before we get there," he said.

In 2011, the board granted Schoenborn escorted day passes, but reviewed that decision after outcry from Clarke's family. The board said it was unaware Clarke was living in Coquitlam, not far from the psychiatric hospital.

Last February, the board denied Schoenborn's request for a day pass.