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In Which We List Gwyneth Paltrow's Many Beauty Rituals

If you haven't heard by now, Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow is advocating vaginal steaming. (Although many doctors aren't recommending it.)

The actress-turned-singer-turned lifestyle guru has always subscribed to a number of seemingly excessive beauty procedures, all of which she swears by. It's hard not to believe her claims given her luminous glow, fit physique and her graceful aging process but it's good to remember that what works for some, doesn't necessarily work for others.

While she's yet to lie in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, we're curious to see exactly how many over-the-top beauty rituals the former Mrs. Martin partakes in. Paltrow is quoted as saying, "I'll wake up exhausted; I can feel my adrenal cortex being really high. When I get into bed, my heart will pound, my skin won't be good. I'll feel cranky, and then I'll just know it's time."

Time for what you ask? Well, in her case, probably all of the below. Read on as we take a look at the many beauty rituals of Gwyneth Paltrow. (Note: obviously these regimens aren't for everyone and should be practiced with caution. Consult with your doctor first before you try any of these treatments.)

Vaginal Steaming

The latest wellness gospel Paltrow preached caused many to call BS. The actress recently encouraged women to engage in vaginal steaming and praised a treatment called the Mugwort V-Steam, which involves sitting on a "mini throne" while infrared and mugwort steam deep cleans your uterus. While we can't claim to know whether this is good for you or not, we suggest you talk to your doctor first before attempting this.

Lymphatic Massage

Steaming and sweating appear to be a regular occurrence in Paltrow's life. When she's not steaming her V, she's getting a lymphatic massage. This procedure involves a very specific gentle massage intended to increase lymph flow. According to Paltrow, her lymphatic massage sessions also involve being swaddled in a blanket while sweating out impurities.

Apple Stem Cell Facial

Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic is a regular beauty haunt for celebrities, offering a curious treatment called an Apple Stem Cell Facial that Paltrow enjoys regularly. The 90-minute treatment is a facial peel that involves the use of a rare Swiss apple that's been known for its regenerative qualities. Sounds suspect to us but we think she loved this treatment so much, she named her firstborn child after it and we can't argue with that.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Facial

A cosmetologist is usually responsible for administering an Electronic Muscle Stimulation Facial—another favourite beauty treatment of Paltrow's. A mask with metal probes is placed on the client as low level electronic currents stimulate the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


You likely don't know the name Karyn Grossman so let's provide an introduction: Grossman is Paltrow's go-to dermatologist. She performs Thermage laser treatments on the actress, which reportedly boost collagen in the lower layers of the skin and results in a tightening and therefore youthful effect.


Like most girls, Paltrow absolutely needs her chakras balanced every once in a while. The "Mortdecai" actress enjoys Reiki sessions, which sees a Reiki practitioner laying their palms over the body and using life force energy to heal and restore balance. Sounds like the perfect way to get over the winter blahs.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Paltrow has made it known that she loves being injected full of vitamins. (And good on her!) Gwynnie gets her intravenous vitamin fix from a holistic healing centre in Santa Monica called Be Hive of Healing. The "vitamin cocktail" typically consists of the usual suspects, Vitamin C, D, B6 and B12 and is injected directly into your bloodstream: this is what proponents of the treatment claim is more potent and effective. (Although might we also recommend eating fruits and veggies on the regular?)


The $425 Goop Colonic is basically a bunch of dietary supplements, fibre, protein and a variety of pills that are mixed into shakes to give your colon a much-needed break. Note: before you go on a cleanse, always confer with your doctor.

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