02/12/2015 12:04 EST | Updated 04/14/2015 05:59 EDT

Highlights of report on Quebec seniors' home blaze that killed 32

MONTREAL - A Quebec coroner released his report Thursday into a seniors' home fire that claimed 32 lives at the Residence du Havre in L'Isle-Verte, Que., in the early hours of Jan. 23, 2014. Coroner Cyrille Delage's report came after he heard from more than 50 witnesses over several days at hearings held last November and December. His recommendations include:

— That Quebec's public security and municipal affairs departments encourage rural and urban authorities to centralize fire services with the goal of having a co-ordinated action plan under a common leadership.

— That the Quebec minister of public security require municipal leaders to regularly review emergency safety plans and to provide the ministry with regular review reports.

— That the Quebec minister of public security declare null and void the "grandfather" clause allowing firefighters trained before a certain time to be exempt from new training.

— That the agency that enforces the province's building code require all certified seniors' homes, old and new, to have automatic sprinkler systems.

— That Quebec's emergency call centres be required to immediately dispatch at least one team of firefighters as soon as a fire signal is sent out to central alarm bureau.

— That the regional health agency of the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, located on south shore of St. Lawrence River, have an architect certify that buildings are up to code and are being used according to their certification.

— That the regional health agency order building certificates to be renewed every three years and ensure that buildings aren't being used for activities for which they aren't certified.

— That the regional health agency also receive confirmation from a building's security personnel that emergency plans exist and that employees are properly trained.