02/12/2015 01:43 EST | Updated 02/12/2015 02:59 EST

Vince Vaughn Doesn't Like How Men Treat Women, He Tells Playboy

Vince Vaughn has certainly portrayed his share of pickup artists.

In "Swingers" he played Trent, a budding actor who gives his friend Mike (Jon Favreau) tips on connecting with women.

Then in "Wedding Crashers" he played Jeremy, a divorce mediator who, alongside his friend John (Owen Wilson), snuck his way into people's nuptials so that he could hook up.

His characters clearly treat women as objects in a game. But in real life, 44-year-old Vaughn is a married father of two (a boy and a girl) who is aghast at how men treat the opposite sex.

In a Playboy interview to promote his upcoming film "Unfinished Business," Vaughn told reporter David Hochman that "Gaming on women has become almost like the dark arts."

"Like, if you're not cutting her down or using psychological tricks to make fun of her, you won't get anywhere," he said. "I would argue it's the opposite. I would suggest that if you take the avenue of putting a woman down or making fun of her so she feels insecure enough to go out with you, you're ultimately screwing yourself."

Vaughn went on to say, "if you require coaching and techniques to get a woman, it'll come out as dishonest and you'll probably end up unhappy or alone."

He didn't provide any specific examples, but we couldn't help thinking of Julien Blanc, a so-called "pickup artist" who hosts seminars in which he advises men to treat women in an abusive manner, such as choking them and forcing their heads towards his groin, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

For his efforts, Blanc was denied entry to Australia and the U.K., and was the focus of a petition to keep him out of Canada.

In other words, he did, ultimately, screw himself.

Vaughn's remarks came in response to a question about how his life changed after "Swingers," his breakout film, came out in 1996. Hochman asked whether women would throw themselves at Vaughn, saying, "You're so money," a quote from the movie.

Vaughn responded that he was "never a pickup artist, per se."

"I was never someone who needed to be with a new woman every night," he said. "That was never my thing."

After "Unfinished Business," Vaughn will star in the second season of HBO's "True Detective," alongside Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams, playing a criminal who faces losing his empire following the murder of a business partner.

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