02/12/2015 08:29 EST | Updated 04/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Kaity Cooper, Vancouver Field Hockey Player, In Trouble For Wearing Shorts

The Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association will vote on the issue.

Concept female field hockey.
Edsel Querini via Getty Images
Concept female field hockey.
The Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association will be voting next week on whether players can wear shorts instead of skirts. 

The vote comes after one player, Kaity Cooper, got into trouble when she defied the skirt-only rule during a game last fall. 

She says she was told to leave the field and threatened with a suspension for her fashion faux pas.

"My teammates and I were really shocked," Cooper told CBC News. 

She says players in her recreation league should be given a choice because skirts aren't comfortable for everyone.

"Others might just feel that it's sexist and embarrassing ... it's our view that women shouldn't be forced to wear the skirt if they'd rather just wear shorts," she said.

Mary Jung, a UBC assistant professor who specializes in exercise psychology, says whatever the decision, each team should wear the same type of uniform to avoid performance issues.

"It's all or nothing and that's just because of group cohesion of wearing the same uniform and sticking together and being together," Jung said. 


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