02/13/2015 03:28 EST | Updated 03/05/2015 03:59 EST

Turn March 5 Into A 'Hug Day' For This 8-Year-Old Boy

There are lots of ways to give back in the world, but this little boy is simply asking for a hug.

As explained in the video above, 8-year-old Sebastian from Toronto will be undergoing surgery on March 5 to remove the last parts of a brain tumour he was first treated for at the age of four.

But now this little boy has discovered the Internet, and has made a request of his mother: to gather together as many people to hug each other on that date in order to not only give him strength, but her as well.

He may not realize exactly how much his request could help. After all, hugs can do anything from alleviating fears to helping our hearts, and they definitely, definitely remind us how much others care.

Watch the video to hear how Sebastian believes this will help him heal, and don't forget — hug everyone you see on March 5.

UPDATE: Since this story was written, Sebastian's tale has been spread around the world, and March 5 has been designated Give-a-Hug Day by the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Make sure to spread the love today!

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