02/12/2015 11:47 EST | Updated 02/13/2015 05:59 EST

Mohamed Fahmy Released From Cairo Prison On Bail

CAIRO - Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy has left a prison in Cairo hours after an Egyptian court ordered him released on bail.

Both his brother, Adel Fahmy, and Al-Jazeera English tweeted late Thursday that Fahmy has been released from the police station.

Fahmy, who has spent more than a year in a Cairo prison, moved a step closer to freedom hours earlier when the court granted his release on bail.

The surprise development prompted expressions of jubilation from Mohamed Fahmy's family, although the 40-year-old's legal battles aren't quite over yet.

An Egyptian judge granted bail for Fahmy after a retrial began for him and an Egyptian co-worker, who face terror-related charges their families have called ridiculous.

The case was then put over to Feb. 23.

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