02/13/2015 03:10 EST | Updated 02/13/2015 03:59 EST

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Make Absolutely Anyone Happy

CGissemann via Getty Images
letter for valentine

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, we're putting out a call to everyone — yes, everyone — to give a gift.

We have lots of suggestions of things you can give your significant other, from special getaways to gifts for the biggest geeks, but we're also thinking about those non-romantic people you love who deserve some acknowledgement too.

So what to get for people who aren't into flowers and chocolate? Easy. Something for someone else.

There are plenty of ways to donate to various causes in honour of Valentine's Day, and we thought we'd highlight just a few worthy options.

And while we can be as cynical as the next person, there's something about a day dedicated to love of all kinds that makes us feel like the companies featured below are really trying to help others too.

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