02/13/2015 10:38 EST | Updated 02/14/2015 08:59 EST

What Is Love? Here Are Some Of The Best Examples We've Found

We at the Huffington Post Canada love Valentine’s Day. Now, before you click away from this page, hear us out.

Eating pasta drenched in rosé sauce as you make eyes at your loved one is a perfectly good way to spend the day, but we don’t think it's the only option.

In our opinion, Valentine’s is a reminder of how important love is in all of our lives.

Whether you express that love through special dinners, an organ transplant, or just a phone call instead of a text, there are so many ways we show our loved ones and communities we care and are willing to put in that extra effort.

So we’ve collected stories and photos from all over the web that showcase the best of what love means to us, and to you.

Hover over the heart to see them. If you're on mobile, keep scrolling to see all the examples we've collected.

couple married 81 years

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beauty school

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A beautiful proposal

westjet proposal

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A small encouraging note


“Love is finding this in your car when you have to leave your loving husband and go to work on a midnight shift!”-Lisa Paulette Moesgirl, via Facebook

Finding that someone who accepts you for who you are

fifty shades

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"It is simply not true that you have to wait another minute to begin feeling love for yourself"


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'Don't be afraid to fall in love'

"Momma Loves You"

canoe valentine

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A simple walk on the beach


A letter from the man who saved your life

mark henick

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dad liver daughtera

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Falling in love late in life


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blind trust project

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happy fulfilling relationship

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Marrying your best friend

Sharing more than just a life together

healthy belly selfie

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mother teresa quote

valentines china

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Perfect domestic bliss


"Love to me is family, loyalty and sloppy wet kisses. I do of course talk about my dogs. And my husband to be, who I've known since elementary school. This to me, is love."-Brittany Bissonnette, via Facebook


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