02/15/2015 10:41 EST | Updated 02/15/2015 10:59 EST

Calgary MP Joan Crockatt's Tweet On 'Most Important Death' In Journalism Draws Fire

The world of news lost three great journalists in February: New York Times columnist David Carr, '60 Minutes' reporter Bob Simon and Toronto Star baseball writer Alison Gordon.

As people all around the world mourned these deaths, Conservative MP Joan Crockatt's tweet explaining the "most important death" in journalism this week was Sun News Network's closure was widely criticized Sunday.

Crockatt tweeted at Michael Enright, CBC host of The Sunday Edition, after he published an essay titled "Reflections on a bad week for the craft of journalism," on this week's deaths, "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart's departure, the Brian Williams' controversy, and the demise of Sun News.

Twitter users broke out on the social media site, urging Crockatt to issue an apology and delete her tweet.

Others expressed shock Crockatt was comparing the loss of 200 jobs to deaths.

In response to the criticism, the Calgary MP tweeted at one of the upset users, saying they had a difference of opinion.


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