02/16/2015 03:06 EST | Updated 04/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Crown to seek adult sentence for Quebec teen facing terrorism-related charges

MONTREAL - A federal prosecutor said she'll seek an adult sentence for a Quebec teen charged with attempting to leave Canada to commit acts of terrorism for the benefit of a terror group.

The motion, introduced Monday, means the 15-year-old could face an adult sentence instead of the maximum three years if sentenced as a youth offender.

The boy, whose name cannot be published because he is a minor, is accused of allegedly robbing a convenience store for the benefit of a terrorist organization, which is a charge that carries a sentence of life imprisonment.

He is also charged with attempting to leave Canada in order to commit a terrorist act, which carries a maximum of ten years in prison.

The 15-year-old's lawyer appeared Monday in youth court for what was originally supposed be the scheduling of a trial date.

Instead, the case was postponed until March 9 to allow the boy's defence team to have a closer look at the Crown's evidence.

The Crown has not specified what terrorist group the teen was alleged to have tried to help.

The motion seeking an adult sentence would only be argued at the conclusion of any trial.

"I announced my intention today, that if the suspect is declared guilty, to have him sentenced as an adult for the two counts," Crown prosecutor Lyne Decarie told reporters Monday.

The RCMP announced the terrorism charges last December but declined to provide any other information about the case pending the ongoing proceedings.

The boy pleaded guilty to a robbery charge and will only be sentenced for that crime after the other charges are settled.