02/16/2015 03:50 EST | Updated 02/17/2015 09:59 EST

Meteorologist Jim Cantore's Thundersnow Reaction Is The Best Thing We've Seen All Winter

If you were bummed out about the cold weather we're seeing in central Canada, Jim Cantore has the perfect antidote.

The Weather Channel meteorologist reacts, shall we say, enthusiastically to multiple lightning strikes during a special kind of thunderstorm known as "thundersnow" in Boston, Mass., in a video posted to YouTube on Sunday.

It's impossible not to appreciate his passion.

Cantore counts six strikes and grows more and more excited as the count goes up. You can watch his joyful episode in the video above.

Our favourite quote: "You can have your $500 million jackpot in Powerball or whatever the heck it was, but I'll take this, baby!"

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