02/17/2015 08:12 EST | Updated 02/20/2015 11:59 EST

14 Times Canadians Kicked Winter's Ass

They held canoe races on a frozen river.

They went for a (mighty brief) swim beneath the ice ...

They built an amazing cave ...

And the biggest snow maze anyone has ever seen.

Dodged falling icicles to reach new heights ...

And braved sub-zero temperatures to ride bikes.

They strapped on skates and took on frozen streets ...

And slept in ice hotels fit for Queen Elsa.


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They turned hot water into a cloud ...

And made the most Canadian "Star Wars" spoof we've seen yet.

They ate #Stormchips, dammit!

They endure an ugly season like champions, as only Canadians can.

So hang in there, Canada! And just remember that the snow will melt away eventually.

Brave Canadians, we salute you.

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