02/17/2015 11:52 EST | Updated 02/20/2015 10:59 EST

How To Show Off Your Engagement Ring On Instagram (PHOTOS)

So, your partner finally put a ring on it! Now what?

Well, it's only natural to show it off—especially on Instagram. (Even Lady Gaga thinks so!) But how does one show off their engagement ring, exactly? For starters, a manicured hand helps, but in the heat of the moment, we think the excitement and happiness should definitely overshadow that.

All you need is a (phone) camera and your hand, and you're good! So go ahead, take a cue from the ladies of Instagram and show the virtual world that sparkly rock.

Get Your Partner In The Frame

Just think how happy he/she is in the moment, too!

Or Share A Tender Moment

Keep the ring in focus, though.

Make It A Selfie

Show Off Your Manicure

And your nail polish, of course.

Or, Show Off The Scenery

A photo posted by 임희정 ( on

An engagement in Paris? How romantic!

Show Off Matching Engagement Rings

Place It Atop A Sneak Peek Of Your Wedding Dress

Share A Close-Up

Make Sure To Get All The Details

Capture the diamond in all its brilliance.

Show It Off In The Box

Or Put It In A Rose

Snap It While In The Car

A photo posted by @monicamae_ on

And make sure to capture the light! (Oh, and you might want to make sure you're parked/in the car wash, also.)

Bonus Points If Your Ring Matches Your Car

I love that my ring matches my car. #bmw #e46 #m3 #lagunasecablue #engagementring

A photo posted by Sandy Pants (@sandy_pants_is_my_name) on

Include The Dog

A photo posted by Kelsey Owens (@kelseyownz) on

Always, always, always, include the dog.

See What We Mean?

Make A Collage

A photo posted by Nikki Schwind (@coachnikki) on

Show It Off With Your Other Accessories

A photo posted by Nina Asotic (@nina_asotic) on

Classic watch? Check. Louis bag? Double check.

Share A Snap From The Air

Love is in the air 💞✈💍

A photo posted by Crystal (@cryssthal) on

Or Take A Pic With Your Morning Coffee

A photo posted by @jessxhunt on

Just Make Sure You Share The Love

#inlove #engaged #fiance #heputaringonit #ring #engagementring #isaidyes #engagementphoto

A photo posted by Jesslyn (@jesslynoel) on


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