02/17/2015 06:08 EST | Updated 02/17/2015 06:59 EST

Rob Ford Says John Tory Is 'Badgering' Federal MPs

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Coun. Rob Ford is skeptical about what Toronto Mayor John Tory will be able to accomplish in Ottawa, as his successor heads to the capital to meet with federal politicians and to seek support for SmartTrack and other transit and infrastructure issues on Tuesday.

The former mayor said Tory has made it clear that he is looking for the support of other levels of government on and for that reason the message he is bringing to Ottawa won't be anything new to anyone paying attention to the news.

"When people know what you want, they're either going to give it to you, or they're not," Ford told reporters Tuesday, using the word "badgering" to describe the mayor's effort at one point.

"You know, the MPs, the finance minister, the prime minister, they know what he wants," said Ford.

Ford also questioned why Tory was bringing three staff with him on his trip to Ottawa.

"I don't see why he needs those extra people," said Ford.

Unsolicited advice

The councillor has been critical of Tory in the few months that his successor has been wearing the chain of office.

In January, Ford said Tory had made some "ridiculous" decisions during his first month in office.

Last week, Ford pressed Tory as to whether the public had been aware the mayor would be asking for funds to study the impact that SmartTrack will have if implemented. That led to a notable exchange in which Tory reminded him that he's the one now sitting in the mayor's chair.

Two days later, Ford went on a radio station and claimed he hadn't "lost" to Tory at the polls last October as he had dropped from the mayoral race.

But because Ford won a seat on council after leaving the mayoral race last fall, the unusual situation has emerged where the new mayor and his successor are now part of the same council.

Ford dropped from the mayoral race after being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, for which he is still being treated.

"I'm alright," Ford said, when asked about his health on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Ford told reporters he intends to head to Jamaica later this month after his radiation treatment wraps up.

"It's been a long, long haul," he said.

Ford has indicated he intends to run for mayor again in 2018, if he is healthy enough to do so.


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