02/18/2015 05:00 EST

115-Year-Old Woman Says Raw Eggs And No Husband Are The Secrets To Longevity

We all love advice on living past 100 from amazing centenarians, but this woman's combination of raw eggs and going spouse-free is the best thing we've heard in a while.

According to the video above, a 115-year-old woman named Emma Morano from Italy says the key to living a long life is eating raw eggs and having no husband. The woman, who is the oldest living person in Europe, was born in 1899 — the same year the motor-driven vacuum cleaner was patented.

Morano, who has seen three centuries in her lifetime, says she has consumed up to 100,000 raw eggs. She also adds she has been single since her and her husband split up in 1938, according to the New York Times.

Now you may remember the raw egg diet from the movie, "Rocky," or even from "Cool Hand Luke," and although there are health benefits like protein associated with eating eggs, eating them raw also brings up concerns around food poisoning and salmonella, according to

Yet, this granny seems to have done it, and more than survived. Watch the video above to find how her raw egg obsession actually started.

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