02/18/2015 01:06 EST | Updated 04/20/2015 05:59 EDT

Crane tips load in Halifax, knocks out power to hundreds

A construction crane in Halifax has tipped its load onto a power line, causing hundreds in metro to lose electricity.

Bev Ware, a spokeswoman for Nova Scotia Power, said there are 1,537 customers in the dark in metro Halifax. 

"There's a crane in the area that appears to have dropped its load on our equipment at the corner of Almon and Isleville street and we believe that's what caused the outage in the area," she said Wednesday.

"At this point we're looking into whether we can divert power in the area and restore electricity to at least some of the customers while this problem is looked into."

Affected areas include homes and businesses north of the Halifax Common, as well as downtown buildings near the World Trade and Convention Centre and the Scotiabank Centre.

Halifax Regional Police said no injuries had been reported.

Almon Street between Gottingen and Agricola streets and Isleville Steet between Bilby and Bloomfield streets are closed to all traffic, said police. They said they expect the streets to be closed for several hours.

'Saving my sweet El Camino'

Adrian Comeau ran outside when he heard the crash, and soon found himself prevented from re-entering his apartment.

He noticed the crane was dangling over his car.

"It made me feel like doing something stupid and brave like saving my sweet El Camino," he said.

He successfully got the car out of harm's way. He's planning to sleep elsewhere tonight, in case he's unable to get home.