02/18/2015 01:20 EST | Updated 03/12/2015 04:59 EDT

The Jamie Dornan Photos That Will Get You Hot And Bothered

It's been less than a week since "Fifty Shades of Grey" set our loins on fire but we still can't get enough of our Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan.

Before he broke hearts as a BDSM-loving multi-millionaire, the 32-year-old Irish actor was a model. And not just any model, but a Calvin Klein model who made us melt with his greasy, shirtless, moan-inducing poses.

When he wasn't making Eva Mendes and Kate Moss feel like the luckiest women in the world, Jamie also worked for Armani, Banada Republic and Aquascutum, among other brands.

Even when he's not on the job, "The Fall" star looks insanely hot whether he's dressed up on a red carpet or going about his day.

So, in celebration of the gorgeous actor and the success of his breakout movie, we take a look at the Jamie Dornan photos that will get you hot and bothered. You're welcome.

jamie dornan

  • Oh, Hello There!
    Calvin Klein
  • GUH
    Calvin Klein
  • Eva Mendes Really Wants To Take Off His Underwear
    Calvin Klein
    And we don't blame her.
  • Mmmm
    Calvin Klein
  • It's Just. Not. Fair.
    Calvin Klein
  • How Is It Possible For Anyone To Look This Hot?
    Calvin Klein
  • A Bearded Dornan Is A Hot Dornan
  • He Stands Out Even Surrounded By Shirtless Models
    Dave M. Benett via Getty Images
  • But My God Can He Ever Wear The Hell Out Of A Suit
    Samir Hussein via Getty Images
  • See What We Mean?
    Jesse Grant via Getty Images
  • Blue Is Jamie's Warmest Colour
    Ben Pruchnie via Getty Images
  • He Never Looks Bad. Ever
    Phillip Massey via Getty Images
  • Please, Take Us With You!
  • We Could Stare Into Those Baby Blues For Days
    Dave M. Benett via Getty Images
  • He's So Adorable
    Dave M. Benett via Getty Images
  • YUM
    Telegraph Magazine
  • We Can't Look Away
    Jon Furniss via Getty Images
  • Those Are Some Legs, Hun!
  • Those Biceps, Though
    Elle UK
  • We'll Ride His Motorcycle!

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