02/19/2015 09:43 EST | Updated 04/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Deryl Ring gets conditional discharge for confrontation with snowmobilers

Deryl Ring received a conditional discharge and 50 hours of community service for a confrontation with snowmobilers last year.

The 62-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges — mischief and assault while in possession of a weapon. Ring must also hand over his firearms for a year. 

It was a joint submission from defence and the Crown. The conditional discharge will be removed from his criminal record in three years if conditions are met. 

"I'm fine with what the decision was and I'll accept it and I just want to put this behind me and get on with my life," Ring said. 

"It's been tough it's been something that you think of every day and you just hope it comes to an end."

Ring, who lives in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park, was originally charged with assault, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and mischief.

Jeff Smerechanski said he and his friend were riding on snowmobiles through fields south of Saskatoon in February, 2014 when they made a wrong turn onto private land.

Smerechanski said they were leaving the area when Ring, carrying a shotgun, blocked their path with a truck. He said Ring kicked his friend's snowmobile and then hit him on his helmet. 

Ring said he brought the gun because he was scared of what the snowmobilers might do to him.

The judge overseeing the case called Ring's actions "incredibly foolish." 

"I think justice was served," Smerechanski said today in reaction to the outcome of the case. 

"I do have a bit of sympathy for him, but that being said, his reaction was extreme. There was no chance for dialogue or anything for us to even explain that we weren't even on his land. And for that reason, I think that he needed to have a penalty brought against him."

Ring, who owns an alpaca farm, said he had trouble with snowmobilers riding across his land and scaring his animals.

Ring was asked outside of court today whether, in hindsight, he would have done anything differently. 
"Probably I should have but it was just an effort in protecting our property that's what the reason was that I went out there," he said. 

The snowmobilers caught the incident on video using a helmet-mounted GoPro camera that one of the men was wearing.

(Warning: language in the video below may offend)