02/19/2015 01:59 EST | Updated 02/23/2015 05:59 EST

This Ontario Train Doesn't Care About Snow.. Or People

"Snowpiercer" man, it's real.

Trains, man ... they don't give a whip about anything standing in their path.

Earlier this month we told you about a CN train barrelling through piles of snow in New Brunswick.

Now, another video has emerged, of an Ontario Southland Railway plow train just destroying snow and leaving bystanders covered in the white stuff between Salford and St. Thomas, Ont. on Tuesday.

Ryan Gaynor captured the video, he told CBC News, and the train was so powerful that it knocked a friend right off his feet.

St. Thomas is expected to see temperatures dipping to -20 degrees Celsius on Thursday night as arctic air moves through Southern Ontario, The Weather Network said.

"Snowpiercer," man ... it's real.

UPDATE: Feb. 23 -- The Railway Association of Canada contacted HuffPost with a reminder to the public to keep a safe distance from moving trains. Every year in Canada, close to 130 people are killed or seriously injured in train collisions and trespassing incidents, the group reports. For more info on rail safety, visit Operation Lifesaver.

Please folks, do not try this at home.

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