02/20/2015 07:33 EST | Updated 04/22/2015 05:59 EDT

B.C. man who nearly killed mom with toddler complains about lawyer

KELOWNA, B.C. - A B.C. man who nearly killed a young mother while her toddler was nearby expressed no remorse when he spoke at his dangerous-offender hearing.

David Bobbitt brushed off a judge's suggestion that his lawyer has represented him well during a 19-day hearing.

When B.C. Supreme Court Justice Peter Rogers asked Bobbitt if he had anything to say, the 39-year-old man started chastising his lawyer.

"All of our conversations that we've had have been disregarded," he said from the prisoner's box Friday. "All of the evidence I've given him seems to have disappeared."

"I'll either have another talk with him or find another lawyer who can bring this information I've given him to court," Bobbitt said. "There's a lot of things … that are very important."

The judge ordered a 10-minute break so Bobbitt could speak to his lawyer but warned that he would not consider adjourning the case because the hearing had reached the end.

When the hearing resumed, Bobbitt — a slim, bald man with a full beard — complained he was unprepared.

"I don't have anything ready," he said. "I'm not feeling well. I haven't slept in about a week."

Rogers said he will set a date on March 2 to deliver his verdict.

Bobbitt, his ankles shackled, shuffled away with a sheriff to a courthouse cell.

If Bobbitt is declared a dangerous officer, he would be handed an indeterminate sentence so he is supervised for life.

His lawyer argued for a standard prison term of 10 to 14 years with 10 years of supervision.

Court heard Bobbitt is "strongly psychopathic" and sexually sadistic.

He pleaded guilty to seven charges, including aggravated sexual assault, in connection to the horrific 15-hour attack in July 2011.

He was running a second-hand store when he beat the 22-year-old woman over the head with a hammer as she held her toddler son. He dragged her to a back room, where he raped and tortured her.

The woman's brother banged on the store's door while searching for her. Bobbitt ran away and left her bleeding and tied to a bed frame.

Police found the woman naked there a short time later and arrested Bobbitt at an orchard near Oliver.

An undercover officer placed in a cell at the Penticton detachment recorded Bobbitt, who was angry and agitated, Crown lawyer Deb Drissell said.

Despite the Mountie's large size, Bobbitt told him "he could kill (him) by biting out his Adam's apple," she said.

The officer had gone undercover hundreds of times and never been threatened at first contact, court heard. He stood up to Bobbitt, but was afraid to fall asleep in case he was attacked, Drissell said.

Bobbitt spoke candidly about raping the woman. He told the officer he couldn't believe she survived, calling her tough. He laughed every time he mentioned her injuries, the lawyer said.

Another woman complained to police that Bobbitt raped her in his trailer in 2007. She testified he pinned her on a bed, tore open her shirt, smothered her face with his hands and strangled her.

She managed to escape but police doubted her story and he was never charged. (Kelowna Daily Courier)