02/20/2015 02:41 EST | Updated 04/22/2015 05:59 EDT

Calgary parents accused of neglecting their diabetic teen to face murder trial

CALGARY - A man and a woman accused of neglecting their diabetic 15-year-old son have been committed to stand trial on charges of first-degree murder.

A Calgary judge has ruled there is enough evidence to send Rodica Radita and Emil Marian Radita to trial.

At the time of their arrest last year, Police said their son, Alexandru Radita, died of a bacterial infection stemming from neglect and starvation due to Type 1 diabetes.

They said his parents did not provide him with proper medical treatment and, when his health declined, confined him to his room.

Police said Alexandru had been diagnosed with diabetes several years earlier, when the family lived in British Columbia, and his parents had been taught how to treat him with insulin.

The parents have seven other children, most who are adults, and police said there's no evidence they were neglected.

A trial date will be set March 20.