02/21/2015 07:20 EST | Updated 04/23/2015 05:59 EDT

First Wildrose Floor-Crosser Wins Nomination Fight To Be A Conservative Candidate

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press
Wildrose leader Danielle Smith makes a campaign stop in Calgary Friday. Albertans go to the polls Monday.(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jeff McIntosh)

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. - The first of the Wildrose caucus floor-crossers in Alberta has won a nomination fight to be a Progressive Conservative candidate.

Blake Pedersen defeated two challengers to win the right to represent the PC party in the constituency of Medicine Hat.

Pedersen won the riding for the Wildrose in 2012, but last December he and eight other Wildrose caucus members crossed the floor to join Premier Jim Prentice and the PCs.

A total of 11 Wildrose members crossed the floor late last year.

One of them, Ian Donovan, has already been acclaimed as the candidate for the riding of Little Bow.

Two others are not running again while the rest, including former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, are still battling it out to win their nominations.


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