02/23/2015 01:40 EST | Updated 02/23/2015 10:59 EST

We Pick The Best And Worst Moments From The Oscars On This Timeline

Creepy John Travolta? NPH's lame jokes? Patricia Arquette's awesome speech? What were the best and worst moments from Sunday night's Oscars?

We plotted out the highs and lows of the Oscars on our handy-dandy timeline. Some of the highlights:

It was a mostly boring red carpet this year

We did love Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston's awesome hug.

John Travolta... Not so much

And then the show started

At least one of us didn't like "Everything Is Awesome"

We really didn't think much of NPH's hosting

Sorry, bud

We loved Patricia Arquette's speech

And continued to update our chart

We noticed one big omission in the tribute reel

Bravo, Lady Gaga!

And Graham Moore, too!

Congrats Eddie Redmayne!

We were kinda pulling for Linklater and Michael Keaton, but Eddie's speech won us over.

Go Birdman!

See you next year!