02/23/2015 02:30 EST | Updated 04/25/2015 05:59 EDT

Maximalist running shoes new trend in athletic footwear

There is a new trend in running ware — maximalist running shoes — with the most popular pairs on the market coming with up to 50 per cent more cushion than standard shoes.

"I think it's more of an insurance policy in a way, because it's got a lot more protection," Peter Butler, the owner of Forerunners running store told The Early Edition's Jeremy Allingham.

"The whole idea of shock absorption is to try to get you in a more comfortable state on an unnatural surface such as pavement."

Butler said the extra cushion is good for new runners who need a bit of extra protection — or for more experienced runners who can wear the softer shoe on a recovery day.

Ultimately, he said, the choice to switch to maximalist running shoes comes down to personal preference.

"You want to test-run them. You want to come and take them out for a run down the sidewalk and see which one is the most comfortable on your foot, because it all comes down to fit and comfort and getting the right degree of support."

To hear the CBC's Jeremy Allingham take a pair of maximalist running shoes for a spin, click the audio labelled: New running shoe trend focuses on more cushion.