02/23/2015 01:17 EST | Updated 04/25/2015 05:59 EDT

TSB probes further into cars in Gogama, Ont. train derailment

Transportation Safety Board officials are starting to take their investigation into the Feb. 14 train derailment near Gogama, Ont. off-site, the agency said Monday.

A total of 29 cars from a 100-car Canadian National Railway train carrying diluted bitumen crude derailed in the remote area of Ontario, south of Timmins. Oil was spilled amid the snow and caught fire, burning for two days.

"While firefighters dealt with the fire, investigators from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) were able to examine the site and recover a section of broken rail containing a rail joint and a broken wheel, that are of interest," the TSB stated on its website.

"All recovered rail components and the broken wheel were sent to the TSB Engineering Laboratory in Ottawa for further analysis."

Investigators will also take a long look at the derailed cars to compare their performance against the known performance of the legacy Class 111 tank cars that were involved in the Lac-Mégantic, Que. incident.

"Once all remaining product has been removed from the tank cars and they have been cleaned and purged, the TSB will complete a detailed damage assessment of the cars ... This may also include further failure analysis, testing and metallurgical examination at the TSB Engineering Laboratory."

The TSB said its next steps include the following:

- Examination of rail components and suspect wheel recovered from the derailment site

- Sampling and testing of product from select cars

- Review of Wheel Impact Load Detector records for subject train and 2 previous trains

- Review of all track infrastructure maintenance records for the area

- Review of CN Engineering Track Standards and cold weather policy

- Review of TC-approved Track Safety Rules

- Review and evaluation of ERAP and emergency response

- Conducting additional interviews as required.

CN Rail reopened the tracks to train traffic late on Feb. 17.