02/24/2015 01:23 EST | Updated 02/24/2015 05:59 EST

Guinness World Records Says Shortest Cow In The World Is Only 61 Centimeters

What you see here is no little calf. Nope, fully grown, 6-year-old Manikyam is the world's smallest cow.

At only 61.1 centimetres tall, Manikyam is shorter than most Great Danes. Her owner, Balakrishnan, says he got her as a newborn calf and raised her like the other cows on his farm, but knew she was special.

After a quick search online, Balakrishnan says he quickly realized he had the shortest cow in the world. "The shortest cow I saw on a website was 69.5 centimetres," he told Barcroft TV. When a local veterinarian told Balakrishnan that Manikyam was fully formed but still unusually small, he decided to contact Guinness World Records. In 2014 Manikyam was officially declared the world's shortest cow.

The cow has become a local celebrity in her small Indian village of Atholi, in Kerala. As Balakrishnan's son reveals, local residents often come by to snap photos of the beloved family pet.

Watch the video above to find out how the adorable record-breaking farm animal is adjusting to fame and family life.

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