02/24/2015 06:54 EST | Updated 02/24/2015 06:59 EST

'House Of Cards' Parody By 'Sesame Street' Is The Cutest We've Seen Yet

Leave it to "Sesame Street" to stoke our craving for the upcoming "House of Cards" season premiere.

The kids' show parodied the Netlix series with "House of Bricks," a funny short that was posted to YouTube on Monday.

It tells the story of the ruthless Frank Underwolf, who feels there's "too much pork in this town" and resolves to blow down the homes of three little pigs.

We'll let you discover what happens for yourself, but let's just say it doesn't quite turn out the way this old fairy tale normally does.

"House of Cards" season 3 premieres on Netflix this Friday.

And no, kids, you can't watch the real one.

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