The Swedes Have Created A Kids' Video On Making Babies And We Love It

Just a day after launching a brand new sex ed and health curriculum in Ontario, talking about sex with kids in general has been on the minds of many Canadians. But it seems like we've just been one-upped by the Swedes.

The Swedish public service broadcaster SVT, who released the incredibly catchy "Genitals Song," last month, has now created a new animated story of how babies are made, according to Sveriges Radio.

The 1:43 video in Swedish features an animated heterosexual couple and a voice over comparing the meeting of a sperm and egg similar to a race. It even includes a timeline of how babies grow in a mother's womb.

“All you need is for an egg and a sperm to meet,” a voice says in the video above. “And they can meet with the help of a test tube or a jab. Or an adult willy and an adult twinkle can get together and make babies inside the body.”

The video, which airs on the weekend on Swedish children's television show Bacillakuten, has received generally positive comments from the broadcaster's Facebook page. Some commenters note it's great for kids to learn about the process, while others thought it was too much for children of that age.

The program, however, notes the video brings attention to common questions kids may have about their body parts or babies, and creating an this animated and humourous option lets parents teach their kids about sex in an entertaining and approachable way.

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