02/24/2015 02:37 EST | Updated 02/24/2015 02:59 EST

3 Minimal Nail Art Ideas To Try Today

Nail polish is something we grew up with -- we've pretty much been painting our digits pink since we could walk. But, with the advancements in nail polish technology (read: polish that can detect date rape drugs), it's no longer just about making your nails don the trendiest hue -- it's about having intricate little works of art sitting on your fingertips.

However, fancy nail art isn't for everyone -- we don't all have the steady hands and/or patience to hash out a four-shade flower motif. But, don't let that stop you!

Need some ideas? Keep scrolling below for a guide on three different minimal nail art ideas -- each with only two to three easy steps!

  • First Thing's First: Start With A Blank Canvas
    Kastor & Pollux
    Remove any existing nail polish and trim and buff your nails before trying any of these looks.
  • Look 1: Diagonal Tips
    Kastor & Pollux
    A super quick, easy, and delicate yet quirky nail art design.
  • Step 1: Apply Colour In A Diagonal Swipe At The Tip
    Kastor & Pollux
    Be sure to get right to the edges and fill it all in.
  • Step 2: Finish Off With A Topcoat
    Kastor & Pollux
    We swear by CND Vinylux Top Coat -- it lasts forever.
  • Look 2: Tiny Dots
    Kastor & Pollux
    Single dots on each finger can be just as attention-grabbing as any other nail art design!
  • Step 1: Completely Cover Your Nails With The Colour Of Choice
    Kastor & Pollux
    Note: This step is optional!
  • Look How Gorgeous They Are!
    Kastor & Pollux
  • Step 2: Apply Tiny Dots To The Centre Of Your Nails
    Kastor & Pollux
    We put them closer to our cuticles, but you can place them wherever you like!
  • Step 3: Finish Off With A Top Coat
    Kastor & Pollux
  • Look 3: Dark French Tips
    Kastor & Pollux
    French manicures aren't new and/or groundbreaking, but a dark tip (paired with nothing else) looks killer and goes with any outfit.
  • 1. Apply Polish In Slightly Curved Swoops, Right At The Tips
    Kastor & Pollux
  • Step 2: Finish It Off With A Top Coat
    Kastor & Pollux
    Super easy!

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