02/24/2015 09:05 EST | Updated 04/26/2015 05:59 EDT

Mohamed Fahmy enjoying 'mundane things in life' as he awaits retrial

Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy says he's preparing for the worst as he waits for his retrial in Egypt, which has been adjourned until March 8. 

In the meantime, Fahmy told Daybreak Montreal he's enjoying a small taste of freedom after 400 days in prison.

"It's an amazing feeling to just do the mundane things in life, have dinner and take a walk," he said Tuesday by phone from Cairo.

But Fahmy, who renounced his Egyptian citizenship, said he still hasn't gotten back his passport from authorities and has to sign in at a police station every day while waiting for his retrial.

He's also on a no-fly list.

"I've trained myself to try to accept whatever comes my way," he said. 

"I'm working on two strategies now. I'm trying to get myself deported back to Canada and at the same time planning my defence here."

Fahmy's second trial was ordered after an Egyptian appeals court threw out the case. He was initially sentenced to seven years in prison on terrorism charges. 

For all his criticism of Egypt's court system, Fahmy said he's also been disappointed with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's response. 

"We need to engage directly and not use emails and letters and depend on middle level officials. I feel Mr. Harper's response is a little bit timid," Fahmy said.

Fahmy, who was born in Egypt in 1974, immigrated to Montreal with his family when he was 17. He spent years living in Montreal and Vancouver before leaving to pursue journalism.