02/24/2015 08:33 EST | Updated 04/26/2015 05:59 EDT

Robert Poëti backs off idea to raise taxes for homeowners near public transit

One day after Robert Poëti floated the idea of having a new tax for those who live close to public transit sites, the Quebec Transport Minister is backing off.

In an exclusive interview with radio-Canada on Monday, Poëti said that giving cities the power to get more revenue from people who buy new homes near metro or train stations would be a great way to pay for new transit projects.

Poëti even gave an example of how a family who made such a move could afford to pay a little more because they would likely get rid of a second vehicle.

But on Tuesday, Poëti said a new tax will not be introduced.

“Our government has no intention to add a tax in any way,” he said.

Poëti said the reporter misunderstood his comments, and that all he wants to do is negotiate with the city of Montreal.

“We have to find innovative ways to fund public transit projects,” Poëti said.

When asked if that could include a new tax, Poeti would only say if the city has ideas to propose, he's willing to listen.