02/24/2015 02:10 EST | Updated 02/24/2015 04:59 EST

Vancouver Weather Is Glorious For February (PHOTOS)

vancouver february

The Vancouver area (as well as parts of southern B.C. and Alberta) is enjoying an extended stretch of spring-like weather this February. But we are not here to gloat.

No, we'd like to extend an invitation to our freezing fellow Canadians to come visit.

We can bike past the swaying palm trees in English Bay, and go standup paddleboarding in the ocean.

paddle board vancouver

In return, you can show us how to properly scrape ice off our windshields, and tunnel through 25 feet of snow the next time we get a snowstorm like the one that hit you Maritimers.

(Though we can also ask our friends in northern B.C. who got hit by a near-record snowfall.)

Still, you can't say British Columbians have no empathy:

Check out more photos of B.C.'s glorious February:

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