Wardere Farah Loves Nutella And He Wants The World To Know

If you ever had a question about the superiority of Nutella over other spreads, Wardere Farah might just change your mind.

The Mississauga, Ont. man started documenting his love of the chocolate and hazelnut spread on his Instagram account in January 2012.

God doesn't exist!

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Since then, he has posted a lengthy series of photos that place jars of Nutella in some very comical contexts.

Where are you? #nutella #horror #foshizzle

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Having fun isn't hard when you got...I'll stop. #nutella #books #reading #geeklife #bullshit

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Farah began his photo project in earnest in 2013, when he posted a picture of himself with a big jar of Nutella and started laughing, Cosmopolitan reported.

From there, he made a New Year's resolution for 2014 to post a new photo of Nutella every day for a year.

"I don't know if I should be happy about this, but I eat five pounds a month," Farah, who has a $50 monthly budget for the spread, told the magazine.

Farah told BuzzFeed the photos helped pull him out of a "dark place."

They certainly seem to make him happy. Look at him here, in what could easily be a spoof of the "manspreading" controversy.

Farah also asked people not to put his relationship with Nutella "in a box."

"It could be my girlfriend, a baby, a friend, anything," he told BuzzFeed. "Just have fun with it."

While Farah has a unique relationship with the spread, he's hardly the only one who loves it so much.

Last year, a France couple liked Nutella enough to name their child after it, but a judge stopped them, feeling it was "contrary to the interests of the child to be given a first name that can only lead to mockery and disparaging thoughts."

The spread is so popular that it has even inspired a World Nutella Day.

And you can be sure that Farah marked the occasion, as only he can.


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