02/25/2015 10:15 EST | Updated 04/27/2015 05:59 EDT

Appeal panel rules in favour of Saskatchewan in dispute with Quebec

SASKATOON - A long-running trade dispute between Saskatchewan and Quebec is finally over.

An appeal panel established under the pan-Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade has upheld the Saskatchewan government's successful challenge of restrictions on the sale of vegetable oil-based dairy products in Quebec.

Saskatchewan argued the Quebec government used the restrictions to protect its dairy sector from additional competition.

Canola oil is used in dairy substitute products and Saskatchewan is the country's largest canola producer.

Jeremy Harrison, Saskatchewan's minister responsible for trade, says it's a victory for the internal trade process in Canada.

He says with this ruling, he is confident Quebec will do the right thing and bring its labelling and marketing rules for dairy substitutes in line with the rest of Canada.

The other three western provinces also supported Saskatchewan's position.