02/25/2015 01:15 EST | Updated 02/25/2015 01:59 EST

Newfoundland Has Rarely Looked More Breathtaking Than It Does Here

Don't let the name "The Rock" fool you. This place is fertile with opportunities for adventure.

Newfoundland and Labrador doesn't have much farmable land. But the province is fertile with opportunities for fun and adventure.

A video released on YouTube by Tumblr blog Faces of Newfoundland on Monday proves this, showing Newfoundland and Labrador for the breathtaking, dynamic landscape that it really is.

Much like the popular Humans of New York project, Faces of Newfoundland introduces readers to people who make up the culture of the Atlantic province. And as creator (and med school student) David McComiskey told The Telegram last year, the region's reputation for friendliness was apparent in his project — nine out of 10 of the people asked agreed to have their photograph taken and story told.

The site requested that its audience submit HD videos depicting life in the province to "showcas[e] the happy people of Newfoundland and Labrador." The result is a stunning series of images set to U2's "The Streets Have No Name."

In fact, that's our sole quibble with the video — why not use music that Newfoundlanders produced themselves? After all, the province has spawned much-loved acts such as Great Big Sea and Hey Rosetta! Of course, considering the huge influence the Irish culture has on the region, U2 could be said to be just as appropriate.

But with or without soundtrack, the video is outstanding. Here's hoping it reminds Canadians just how many incredible places there are to explore in their own country.

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