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How To Create The Perfect High Ponytail

Ever since my hair grew long enough to tie up (I got a buzz cut a couple of years ago for no good reason other than to have a buzz cut), I've been rocking the high ponytail like nobody's business. I might never let my hair down again. Ariana Grande can back me on this -- it's her signature look and a good one at that. Plus, it's fun, flirty, and -- best of all -- hides the dreaded day two (or three, or four) grease.

To keep it from looking like your average pony, try adding some curl to it -- it's super easy and gives it that extra something.

Want to try it out? Check out this easy step-by-step guide below:

  • Step 1: Wash Your Hair
    Step 1: Wash Your Hair
    Kastor & Pollux
    Or at least wet it a bit!
  • Step 2: Blow Dry
    Step 2: Blow Dry
    Kastor & Pollux
    Do this upside down for the most volume.
  • Step 3: Prep Your Hair
    Step 3: Prep Your Hair
    Kastor & Pollux
    I use Redken's Iron Shape 11 finishing thermal spray -- it protects my hair from heat technology and holds in the curls.
  • Step 4: Curl!
    Step 4: Curl!
    Kastor & Pollux
    Starting at one side of your hair, curl each piece from the root to tip. I use BK Unique Hair's 1/2 - 1" barrel wand.
  • Step 4: Curl!
    Step 4: Curl!
    Kastor & Pollux
  • Step 5: Tousle
    Step 5: Tousle
    Kastor & Pollux
    I like to finger-tousle my hair to loosen up the curls.
  • Step 6: Gather Your Locks
    Step 6: Gather Your Locks
    Kastor & Pollux
    Get 'em ready for tying. When I want my ponytail a little more casual, I just use my fingers to drag all my strands to the crown of my head. When I want it a little dressier with less bumps, I lean back and let gravity do the work. Tie it all up, tight or loose -- your call!
  • Step 7: Reinforcements
    Step 7: Reinforcements
    Kastor & Pollux
    I may have lied a little -- my hair isn't long enough to fully tie up. I pin up my shorter hairs with bobby pins in X-formations (it helps them grip more).
  • Step 8: Tease
    Step 8: Tease
    Kastor & Pollux
    Starting at the base of your ponytail, tease all strands with a comb.
  • Step 9: Finish It Off
    Step 9: Finish It Off
    Kastor & Pollux
    Finish your ponytail off with some hair spray and smooth out your baby hairs. I use Redken's Control Addict High-Control Hairspray.
  • Voila!
    Kastor & Pollux
    A nice and bouncy high ponytail!

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