02/25/2015 08:23 EST | Updated 02/25/2015 12:59 EST

Icelandair's Northern Lights Plane Looks Like A Soothing Flight

Aurora borealis! At this altitude, in this part of the world, at any time of day, localized entirely in an airplane cabin?

Well, yes!

Icelandair posted a video to YouTube on Sunday showing off the Hekla Aurora, a Boeing 757 with cabin lights that display beams similar to the colours you'll find in the northern night sky.

The effect seems to have washed over passengers, who ignored their in-flight entertainment screens to look up at the cabin filled with gorgeous blues, greens and purples.

But auroras don't just adorn the inner cabin. The Hekla Aurora's exterior has also been decorated with the northern lights.

Icelandair created the Hekla Aurora as part of its #MyStopover campaign, which encourages passengers to make a stop in Iceland.

As services go, this is much better than the time Icelandair Group offered an "apartheid" cocktail in one of its hotels.

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