02/25/2015 21:37 EST | Updated 04/27/2015 05:59 EDT

MK Bay Marina begins salvaging sunken boats after snowstorm in northern B.C.

People who lost their boats in a near-record snowstorm on B.C.'s north coast will finally be able to salvage what they can from their vessels, as a barge and crane head into the Douglas Channel to begin recovery work Wednesday.

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"The smallest would be around a $60,000 vessel and that's not counting the items that have put on the vessel after that like radios, depth sounders, fish finders and personal materials — fishing rods and what have you," said Kevin Guest.

Guest is marina manager of the MK Bay Marina in Kitimaat Village, where three boats and two boathouses were damaged in the storm earlier in February.

He says he isn't sure how much of the damaged property will be salvageable — and said the boat owner's best hope is that the engines are still in good shape.

"That where the main money is going to be is the engines."

The salvage work will be underway at three marinas, including MK Bay.

Guest said the work in his marina alone will cost between $96,000 and $100,000 — most of which will be covered by boat owners' insurance policies. 

To hear the full interview with Kevin Guest, click the audio labelled: Mk Bay Marina recovers sunken boats.

Google map showing MK Bay Marina