02/26/2015 06:01 EST | Updated 04/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Alberta premier says outgoing Calgary police chief would be 'fabulous candidate'

CALGARY - Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says Calgary's outgoing police chief would be a fabulous candidate for political service.

Rick Hanson announced on Wednesday that he is retiring after 40 years in policing.

He declined to say what he will do after he leaves the job March 13.

There have been suggestions he could try to run in the next provincial election — widely speculated to be coming this spring.

Prentice was full of praise for Hanson when he was asked about the chief running for office.

He also said he'd love to see Hanson represent for the Progressive Conservatives.

"He'd be a fabulous candidate for public service certainly. There's no doubt about that," Prentice said Thursday. "He is an extraordinary Albertan and Canadian and I have all the admiration in the world for him."

But Prentice added it's up to Hanson to announce any intentions he may have.

"I think he will make clear his plans for his future on his own time."

Hanson told reporters Wednesday that he wouldn't discuss his future plans, but indicated that, at age 60, it was now or never if he planned to do something new.

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