02/26/2015 04:22 EST | Updated 02/26/2015 04:59 EST

Matt Stonie Breaks Bacon-Eating World Record For Most Slices Consumed In 5 Minutes

No matter how much you love bacon, you'll never love it as much as Matt Stonie.

According to Mashable, the 22-year-old competitive eater has just entered the record books after devouring 182 slices of bacon in just five minutes at the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

It's believed Stonie consumed 28,000 miligrams of sodium in that time — which is a whopping 19 times more than Health Canada's daily recommended amount.

Cramming fists full of bacon into his mouth, Stonie occasionally wears a pained expression during the Smithfield-sponsored event. But the pro says the bacon was cooked perfectly, explaining that it was just "a little crispy because I don't like having to chew it."

Competitive eating can be entertaining to watch, but researchers warn competitors of eventual health concerns. In his 2007 competitive eating study, researcher Matt Levine explained that successful competitors have expanded their stomachs so much that they have created a pocket which allows for massive food storage. He speculates this will eventually lead to obesity or a gastrectonomy (a surgery that removes part of the stomach).

Our advice? Don't try this at home.

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