02/26/2015 09:26 EST | Updated 04/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Deer with head in bag rescued by teenager's lasso in Grand Forks, B.C.

In Grand Forks, B.C. a dozen locals likely saved the life of a deer that had a heavy bag wrapped around its face — and they did it cowboy style.

Lorraine Dick saw the deer around town, and mobilized her neighbours on Facebook.

"She was agitated. She was scared. It was pathetic," she told Daybreak South's Chris Walker.

On Sunday morning, the group set out to find the deer, and when they did that, they surrounded it to keep it from running away.

A local teenager, Aezia Orr, used a rope to lasso it.

"He was phenomenal. I bet you he only threw it once before he got it over her head," said Dick.

The deer didn't think it was so phenomenal.

"All hell broke loose. She didn't want to have that as well as the plastic bag, so Aezia had a tough time containing her — holding her down. He'd wrap the rope around a tree, much like cowboys, I imagine, have to do."

When the deer was secured, Orr went in with another young man and got the bag off, and then the rope.

"All of the volunteers just parted ways and let her free. We didn't want to be in her way. I think she was heading down to the river," said Dick.

To hear more about the rescue, click the audio labelled: Un-bagging a deer.