02/26/2015 01:39 EST | Updated 04/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Halifax police say mystery solved over thousands of dollars found in drapes

HALIFAX - Halifax police have solved a mystery over a lucrative find at a local thrift store.

They say someone has come forward to claim several thousand dollars tucked inside a bundle of folded drapes and found by an employee at the store.

The money was sealed in several envelopes, which contained information showing the money was withdrawn in 2006 from a bank in Guysborough County.

Officers contacted the bank, but it couldn't help since so much time had passed.

After police appealed to the public earlier this month, a woman contacted them to say she had donated the personal belongings of a loved one who passed away in January.

Investigators say they verified her claim about the cash, which has been turned over to the next of kin.