02/26/2015 01:39 EST | Updated 02/26/2015 01:59 EST

Period Horror Stories We Can All Relate To

The best thing about menstruating (don't tell us you can't see a silver lining) is that a majority of women can relate.

Whether it's a leak or just getting your period at an unexpected time, we're giving huge props to the women in the video above for sharing their stories in the name of comedy — and womanhood.

The 2:59 minute Buzzfeed video asks women to share their most embarrassing and/or horrific stories, including snippets of "my first time" stories and discovering how (and not how) to use a tampon.

And while every period may seem like a lot of work in general, our bodies are actually going through a rigorous cycle over the entire 28 (or so) days.

So sit back, relax and happy period!

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