02/26/2015 02:15 EST | Updated 04/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Sarah Daniels speaks out about 'date rape' on Facebook

People use Facebook for sharing things like photos, the news or what they had for dinner, but Vancouver realtor and TV personality Sarah Daniels used it to tell her friends and acquaintances she was raped — 25 years ago.

"I'm 50 years old, I'll be 51 shortly, and I know a lot of women my age that have been through the same thing, and I thought nobody ever really talks about it," she told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff.

On Monday, Daniels made the public post on her Facebook page:

I've debated for a long time to post this. Because I NEVER post personal information, but there's been so much in the news lately about sexual assault.

So. I was "date raped" about 25 years ago. And I hate that I put that in quotations. But at the time we didn't even know that was something that could happen. It was a friend of a friend. I went out for dinner, was walked to the door. And the date wouldn't leave. And I thought it was my fault. I cried for days and I didn't know why - because all the way back then, this type of sexual assault was not discussed and therefore didn't exist.

So there we go. I've put it out there. I've said all this hoping to empower women NOW. At the time I didn't know. Please know now. Please report an assault. Talk to someone you trust. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed. It's not your fault. Stand up and get justice.

And teach your sons and daughters.

She said some people have told her she should pursue charges against the man. She said she doesn't plan to do that, as she hasn't seem him in two decades, but said she did confront him in person a few years after the incident happened.

"I said, 'You sexually assaulted me, you're basically a rapist,' and he looked kind of shocked," she said.

"I was very sarcastic and flippant with him but I just wanted to get right in his face."

Overall, Daniels said reaction to the post has been "nothing but supportive" from both men and women.

"Hopefully that's a change in the times."

To hear the full interview with Sarah Daniels, click the audio labelled: Sarah Daniels speaks out about 'date rape' on Facebook.