02/26/2015 12:49 EST | Updated 04/28/2015 05:59 EDT

School On Saturdays Could Be A Possibility For Stormy Nova Scotia

HALIFAX - The number of school days lost to winter storms could see some Nova Scotia school boards make up class time on Saturdays, says the education minister.

Karen Casey said Thursday it's up to school boards to figure out how the lost time will be made up within their existing schedules.

Casey said there are a number of options under consideration, including the use of time that otherwise may have been used for scheduled field trips or other events.

"But within my purview we can look at three Saturdays or we can look at days in March break," she said.

Casey said the school calendar is set but there are options that can be used within the 195 days a year that are allotted.

She said she would consider stepping in when the number of snow days reaches 10 days or more.

The department outlined the number of closures throughout the province so far this year, with the highest being among schools in the Cape Breton-Victoria board that reported up to 11.5 weather-related cancellations. All of other boards listed closures, with the lowest being 6.5 lost days.

Casey didn't specify which school boards may be affected, but said she's close to making a decision whether to act.

"We would want schools to do the best they can first within their own schedules," she said.

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