02/27/2015 12:52 EST | Updated 04/29/2015 05:59 EDT

Irish Rovers step in to help Clancy the cat in Penticton

Popular band the Irish Rovers have stepped up to help a locally renowned Penticton cat find a permanent home.

Clancy, an orange tom cat from Penticton, B.C., disappeared on a road trip to Dawson City, Yukon, last summer.

He was found five months later and flown back to Penticton, but by then his owner had adopted another cat and he couldn't manage two of them.

Clancy went to a foster home. His foster mother was hoping to adopt him, but couldn't afford it.

The Irish Rovers, who are currently on a tour of Western Canada, were shown a news story about Clancy by their publicist.

"We looked at it and thought, aw, we need to do something about that," said Irish Rovers frontman George Millar.

Millar says besides having a "soft spot" for all animals, he's familiar with the plight of lost and abandoned cats because of his son who works on a golf course in Duncan, B.C.

His son often finds cats and kittens who have been dumped on the golf course. He takes them to a veterinarian friend to get them spayed or neutered and then finds homes for them.

His son's endeavours have earned him the name "The cat man of Duncan."

To help Clancy, the Irish Rovers have donated enough money for his foster owner to cover Clancy's adoption fees and $100 worth of food.

They also wrote Clancy a poem:

Clancy the Rover
Has travelled all over
But he says no more will I roam
I'm tired of the road.
With no fixed abode
Won't someone please give me a home?

The Irish Rovers have been touring for 50 years. Millar says this is the fourth time the band has been on its last world tour.

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