02/27/2015 06:02 EST | Updated 02/27/2015 06:59 EST

Montreal Castle For Rent Through Airbnb Is A Great March Break Destination


Looking for a last-minute rental in which to stay for March Break? Why not a luxurious castle in the heart of Montreal?

A person can dream. At $2,066 per night, the Old Montreal Castle is available to rent for a few days (but not all of them) between March 15 and 20, so it's a great destination for Ontarians hoping to take a short vacation over the break.

Check out photos of the Montreal castle you can rent on Airbnb:

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With eight bedrooms, the castle could easily accommodate as many as 16 people. That rounds out to $129 per person, per night. Not bad at all.

Located on the Rue Notre-Dame, between Berri and St.-Denis streets, the castle has an interior pool, a jacuzzi and a private terrace.

The only catch? No DJs or loud music are permitted. You also can't have a party, a photoshoot, or hold any professional or commercial events on the premises.

That's too bad. Because you could throw the party of the year in this place.

This story has been translated from an article by Le Huffington Post Québec.