02/27/2015 11:00 EST

Toronto Was A Frozen Hostile Wasteland This Month


Hell has frozen over, and it's looking a lot like Toronto.

"I've never felt this cold!"

"It's the most freezing it's ever been!"

If you live in Toronto or know someone who lives there, you either said or heard something like this during the month of February.

Although those phrases may seem like hyperbole, guess what? They're not. According to Toronto's Housing & Homelessness Services, February 2015 has had the most Extreme Cold Weather Alerts since ... well, ever. Twenty-three of them, to be exact. There are only 28 days in February, so you do the math. Yikes.

It wasn't long before the jokes about Hoth started.

Not to say it wasn't a struggle.

This could totally happen.

That wind chill, though.

But of course, while we're definitely stuck in a deep freeze, other parts of Canada have it much, much worse. Like what is even happening here?

Um. No thanks.

And we're just ignoring Vancouver. This is why.

And this.

So maybe March will provide some respite? But you know what they say.

And just in case you forgot last winter in Canada -- it wasn't much better.

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