02/27/2015 02:31 EST | Updated 02/27/2015 02:59 EST

Vulcan Salute Takes Over Instagram In Honour Of Leonard Nimoy


It's the hand gesture that speaks volumes, a silent symbol for "Star Trek" lovers around the world, and it was the way fans said goodbye to beloved actor Leonard Nimoy after he passed away on Friday.

Taking to social media in droves, people posted their own Vulcan salutes to honour the man who played Mr. Spock.

But perhaps without even realizing it, people were also sharing the man's life philosophy that he exhibited in his many exchanges throughout his 83 years.

Nimoy, who came up with the salute, got his inspiration from the Jewish Kohenim, the high priests of the synagogue, who used a similar gesture during their secret blessings (as Nimoy explained in a blog, he peeked to see it).

But perhaps equally important were the accompanying words, "dif tor heh smusma" or "live long and prosper." These were meant to mimic the Hebrew greeting of "shalom aleichem" or the Arabic greeting of "Salaam alaykum" — peace be upon you.

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